Pho on 6th back in business after ordered to close for "imminent health risks"

Philip Poston
May was not a good month for Pho on 6th, which received a notice from the city ordering it to close due to "imminent health risks." The restaurant was required to post that notice, but put it behind a tree in front of the building, so that it can't be seen from the street -- and where customers may not notice it as they walk in.

And they were definitely walking in for lunch today.

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But that's because the restaurant has taken care of the problems that earned it the notice. On May 9, it closed for "cleaning and pest infestations," as ordered by the Denver Department of Environmental Health, then was allowed to re-open on May 15.

The posting must remain up until Friday, May 24.

But Pho on 6th might face further problems with how that notice was posted behind a conveniently placed new tree. According to Environmental Health's Danica Lee, "Typically in such situations we conduct further enforcement when a notice is obstructed."

And even once the sign is in the proper place, Pho on 6th won't be out of the woods. "The facility in question is scheduled to receive monthly visits until they've demonstrated a pattern of compliance," Lee says. "This is in addition to the reinspections that were conducted following the closure."

Calls to Pho on 6th went unanswered.

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Pho on 6th

1312 E. 6th Ave., Denver, CO

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I picked up just some simple appetizers in late april on my way to the airport to pick up my girlfriend.  I ate my whole order of gyoza in the car while I was waiting for her, and saved another order for her...  She had barely ate half of them when she noticed a dead cockroach floating in the dipping sauce.  We drove straight to the resturant, and I got a refund.  I was doing them a favor by showing it to the manager as discreetly as possible, but i guess that wasn't just some fluke incident, since it was a couple of weeks before the shutdown.  Pretty lame guys.  Pretty lame. 


Their "tree-scam" fooled me earlier this week.  How often does one really look behind shrubbery to check for health violations?  Noticed it on the way out though.  Probably would have given them a second chance a few months down the line had they not tried to cover it all up.  Begs the question as to what else they might be covering up at this time.  Anyway, won't be back there ever again.  Thanks for Westword for pointing out these shenanigans.


Haven't eaten there in years. Have always thought it seemed dodgy.

davebarnes topcommenter

"Observed one live mouse in wooden table legs under three sculptures in the dining room, 12 dead mice were observed in various traps around the kitchen and bar, and hundreds of mouse droppings in the following areas: on top of a cardboard box in the dry storage room, on top of canned food, on top of jars of food, in the wall/floor junctures throughout the dry storage room, dish pit, kitchen, dining room, bar, and wait stations, behind booths in the dining area, on the floor of the walk in cooler, on the TV at the bar, behind and on top of equipment in the kitchen, in flour in the dry storage room, on top of plastic to go containers in the kitchen. Also, mouse bedding observed in a cabinet by the east serving station."

"All of the floors and walls in the kitchen area are visibly soiled with food debris, grease and grime. Several low boy coolers have visible built up food debris on the surfaces. The sides of fryers, dish machine, stoves and coolers are covered in a layer of food debris. The ceilings have a black layer of dirt and/or dust on them, particularly around the air vents. The wire racks in the dish area and dry storage area have visible debris. The handles of the majority of the coolers in the kitchen have a layer of food debris" 

Mantonat topcommenter

@davebarnes Yuck. I occasionally read the Health Department reports from the Denvergov website for the restaurants I write about, not because I'm worried, but rather because I think people tend to overreact to restaurants that appear a little shabby or run down from the exterior. The vast majority of restaurants receive minimal comments, and those that do are of a nature that pose little health and safety issues to customers and can be easily corrected during the inspector's visit. This goes far beyond anything I've read or noticed in any of the restaurants I've checked into far.

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