Red Star Deli and Studio F shutter in the Icehouse

Lori Midson

A "rising star." That's how Westword restaurant critic Gretchen Kurtz described Red Star Deli, a smashing sandwich joint that opened in the Icehouse, along with Studio F, a spacious culinary stage -- and pop- up venue -- for local and visiting chefs to shine in front of captive audiences, in March of last year. The deli, which was initially overseen by James Mazzio, who departed late in October -- and is now cooking in Aspen -- soon tapped Glenn Smith to take his place, but now Smith is gone. And so is Red Star Deli, which shuttered after lunch on Friday of last week.

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Lori Midson
So long to the star-quality sandwiches at Red Star Deli.

The adjacent spaces, located on the bottom floor of the historic loft building, were dark yesterday when I stopped in, the chalkboard sign in the deli thanking customers for their patronage, the Studio F space -- and the show kitchen that trumpeted some spectacular pop-up dinners by Mazio, Ian Kleinman, who owns the Inventing Room and Jenna Johansen, the chef of Epicurean Catering -- strewn with empty bottles.

But while the deli is reportedly closed for good, a tenant who works in the Old Map Gallery, just across the hallway from Red Star Deli, told me that the owners may hold on to Studio F, renting it out as an event space.

Still, we'll miss those lofty sandwiches.

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Red Star Deli - CLOSED

1801 Wynkoop St., Denver, CO

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Keifer Kurre
Keifer Kurre

Damn it! I almost went there last week. My favorite sandwich shop in Denver and the best Cubano I've ever had. Ughhhhhh

Joe Beauprez
Joe Beauprez

Has James Mazzio ever been associated with a restaurant that hasn't closed? Going all the way back to 15 degrees, Triana, etc... Not slagging the guy, a real question. Seems like every one of them has closed.

Legen Dairy
Legen Dairy

Maybe they can Rekoop when Union Station opens. The hours never permitted me to venture in because I work in the federal center. But the Sandwich looks delicious.

Claire Walter
Claire Walter

Sad. The idea was so good, but being right next door to the massive reconstruction of Union Station was a recipe for failure.

Laura Ellenberger
Laura Ellenberger

That's too bad. Red Star Deli was really a great addition to the Denver lunch scene.

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