Photos: Switchback Smokehouse now smoking in the former Dick's Hickory Dock

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All photos by Philip Poston.
Things are smoking again on the banks of Bear Creek off highway 74 in Kittredge. Darryl Swarts and three friends, all from Ann Arbor, Michigan, bought the former Dick's Hickory Dock in February 2011, and after a total overhaul of the charming but decrepit building -- starting with "squirrel removal," and continuing within new HVAC, plumbing and electric systems, as well as beetle-kill-wood counters and bar -- have reopened the place as Switchback Smokehouse. The emphasis here is on smoking, not sauces (although Switchback does have housemade sauces) because, Swarts says, "The meats speak for themselves."

And so do these pictures. Keep reading for a look at Switchback.

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The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday; for more information, call 303-200-0878 or go to the Switchback Smokehouse website.




Keep reading for more photos of the space and setting.

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Switchback Smokehouse

22620 Highway 74, Kittredge, CO

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Whoa... never thought you guys would reach into my hood. Guess I better give it a try and hope they last longer than a season. This location seems to be more cursed than Harrenhal.


Top notch bbq - even the chicken sandwich was the best my wife had ever had.  We'll be back again for sure!  

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