Ten bloody Marys that would make even a bloody drunk see red

It's not for me to tell you want to drink -- or eat, but suffice it to say that there's some crazy-weird stuff out there in the minds of bloody Mary makers. Why, for example, would you crown your bloody with a burger? Steak skewers strung with tater tots? How about a dead fish, positioned vertically, in your bloody Mary? How the hell do you sip that? And then there's the godforsaken meatball...bloody Mary. A bloody Mary is a drink -- not a buffet, but there are plenty of people out there who seemingly believe that the morning libation is a reason to re-imagine it as a food group. Check out these salacious, over-the-top bloody Marys that make us want to cry into a well of vodka -- or, in my case, mezcal, because vodka makes me do things that I regret.

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Keep reading for more crazy bloody Mary photos.

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