Bacon freaks will unite at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour in Keystone this weekend

Lori Midson
Denver Bacon Company -- and Justin Brunson -- will haul more than 700 pounds of bacon to the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour in Keystone this weekend

America's extremism with bacon mania continues this weekend, when more than 4,000 pounds of rashers will be hauled up to Keystone for the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour, a two-day feast created for junkies who can't get enough of the salty, sweet swine.

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"I think it's the world's perfect food," says Brooks Reynolds, the founder of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour and Festival, of which there are three: Keystone, Des Moines, Iowa and Reykjavik, Iceland. "My mom made bacon for me every Saturday while I was growing up," recalls Reynolds, "and it just keeps getting better, thanks to so many new flavor profiles and so many awesome artisan companies making really great bacon."

Reynolds, who admits that he's been obsessed with bacon since, well, forever, started what he calls a "bacon and beer fellowship" several years ago in Iowa; that fetish then spawned bacon lectures and, eventually, his first bacon festival, which he launched at an Iowa bar in 2008. "We had 400 people that first year, and it's doubled in size every single year since then," making it, he declares, the largest bacon festival in the United States.

In 2011, while Reynolds was skiing in Keystone and wearing a shirt, he recalls, stamped with a pig, he wound up knocking back bacon shots with a Keystone Resort staffer -- and that led to pitching the idea of a bacon festival in Keystone village; this weekend's bacon bonanza will be the third Keystone tour, and Reynolds says the altitude-high resort is the ideal backdrop for a bacon bash. "This is such a fun place for a festival -- I love the casual, picnic-type atmosphere, and I love how family-friendly it is up here," he says.

Five bacon purveyors, including Justin Brunson's Denver Bacon Company; Tender Belly, also based in Denver; Eden Farms; Des Moines Bacon Company; and Daily's Bacon, will all be pimping their swine at the festival, and fifteen to twenty different vendors will also offer bacon-centric dishes, including bacon ice cream, bacon tacos, a bacon bloody Mary bar and bacon quesadillas.

Brunson -- also one of the owners (and exec chef) of Old Major and Masterpiece Deli -- and his crew will stump bacon strips, bacon caramels and deep-fried bacon paired with a trio of dipping sauces. And his bacon, he says, is unparalleled. "Our bacon is made here in Colorado -- it's the only bacon made in Colorado -- and people tell us it's the best bacon they've ever had," adds Brunson, noting that his bacon won the People's Choice award earlier this year at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Iowa. "It's smoked with this amazing local peach wood and that, along with the the old-word dry-curing techniques we use, makes it stand above the rest -- even vegetarians say they're tempted by the smell of our bacon."

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Shane Linart
Shane Linart

I'm not going to lie. That is exactly the person I pictured when I read the words "bacon freaks".

Mantonat topcommenter

@Shane Linart The Templeton Rye puts him in a one-man category. Maybe "bacon freak with righteous taste in whiskey."

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