Buffalo Doughboy has closed for "restructuring"

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Things are looking dark for Buffalo Doughboy.
Buffalo Doughboy won the Best Bakery award in the Best of Denver 2010. Business boomed, and in April 2012 the bakery moved out of its tiny spot in a Victorian home off Broadway for a space three times as large, and a mile south on Broadway itself. But business in the new spot never really took off...and two months ago the bakery posted a Facebook plea for some its fans to support the place. Was the problem the economy? A lousy economy on Broadway? Or the curse of winning a Best of Denver award?

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But the Facebook campaign didn't work, because a sign on the door of Buffalo Doughboy announces that "We will be closed for re-organization and restructuring. We will be back all busy-tailed and ready to roar into our second decade and beyond!!"

Word on the block is less optimistic about the bakery's chances, though. Another coffeehouse is reportedly looking at the spot.

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Buffalo Doughboy Bakery - CLOSED

1298 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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This is now an empanada place. So a year later, I guess they're still "reorganizing"?

davebarnes topcommenter

It was/is the case of being a disorganized business in a small, cheap space and being the same business in a larger, more expensive space.

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