Reader: Why make it easier for lazy eaters to get their fast-food fix?

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Burger King, the eternal also-ran of fast-food burger chains, is revving up for delivery, something arch-rival McDonald's and other competitors already offer in other countries. After testing the service in a few major cities -- New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. -- Burger King recently expanded its delivery service to Colorado, specifically the location at 16850 East Illiff Avenue in Aurora. And more delivery stores are planned for Denver, Arvada, Englewood and Centennial.

Is this a good move?

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Not according to fishingblues:

Great, let's make it even easier for fatassed, lazy turds to get their fast food fix.
Would you eat a fast-food delivery service? Do you even eat fast food? What's your favorite chain? And who would you like to see deliver? Read Jenn Wohletz's suggestion of five chains that should start delivery here.

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Mike McClanahan
Mike McClanahan

Lighten up, fishingblues. You can order salads, too. Geez.

davebarnes topcommenter

Faster is better.

Favorite chain? Taco Bell. 99¢ is one cent less than McDonalds.

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