Reader: Casa Bonita could give tourists a bad taste of Denver

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Welcome, tourists! Dive right into an evening at Casa Bonita.
Visit Denver just announced the top metro tourist attractions for 2012, and while there are a couple of shopping centers on the list, there's not a single restaurant (unless you count a restaurant in one of the shopping centers -- and what are the chances of that?). The omission set off fans of a certain restaurant: Casa Bonita, the place you love to hate.

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Says Mary:

Casa Bonita left a bad taste the last time I was there. Their floors were sticky, and my shoe stuck, then unstuck while I was carrying my food tray and drink. I fell and spilled everything. They made me wait while they remade the food, but seated my party, who I was never able to locate (place is huge) and they did not know where they put my friends. So I had to eat by myself, then went in search of my friends who I located 45 minutes later. Kind of spoiled the evening.

Have you been to Casa Bonita? Have you returned to Casa Bonita? Where would you send a tourist for a meal in metro Denver?

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Casa Bonita

6715 W. Colfax, Lakewood, CO

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Duh.  You always tell people to go there, but you warn them the food is awful.  If you are not giving the food warning, you are a bad ambassador for Denver.

Gordon Cresswell
Gordon Cresswell

I love casa bonita and take newcomers quite a bit. The food is terrible but you have to order it to gain access. Just push it aside and put your flag up and enjoy some soapapillas. Then leave your table and enjoy the majesty of casa bonita, its hard to describe the place to someone without taking them.

Kimberly Jackson
Kimberly Jackson's Casa Bonita, people!! We're not talking The French Laundry or Per Se or any other realm of high-end dining. If you show up expecting a Michelin rating and leave reeking of stale sopapillas and disappointment, then the problem isn't Casa Bonita, it's your culinary judgment. Know what you're dealing with and move on to something else if its not your thing.

Brian Burridge
Brian Burridge

If the comments were in proper English then maybe...


As long as you accept Casa for what it is (kid friendly entertainment with Taco Bellesque food) I don't see why people have so much hatred.  I don't believe I've ever heard the owners complaining how they keep getting overlooked for James Beard awards.  Kinda like people complaining about McDonalds  because their burgers aren't as good as any of our high-end burger restaurants...

ScubaSteve topcommenter

Mary's story is hilarious.  I've never been to Casa Bonita and, from what I've heard and read about the joint, I will not go there.


@davebarnes Actually i hate children so the fact that kids might enjoy the place definitely rates as a bug, not a feature for me. :) 


Really, who gives a damn? Only peasants, morons and ppl who hate themselves would ever go to Casa. Its a blight upon this fair city and if it were wiped from the face of the planet we would all be better off. 

davebarnes topcommenter

@Rots Get out of bed on the wrong side this morning?

Kids love Casa Bonita. Eight to 10 years old; especially.



Why do you hate America?

Casa Bonita is the happiest place on earth. 

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