Laudisio, aka Ristorante L, closes in Boulder

Colorado may be getting a Trader Joe's at Boulder's Twenty Ninth Street development, but the project is coming at a cost. Ristorante L, which got its start as Laudisio, closed yesterday -- just shy of its 25th anniversary (with seven of those 25 years on 29th Street). Although founder Antonio Laudisio hasn't been a part of the restaurant for a while except in name, it was still a local spot -- unlike the chains going into the new, improved Twenty Ninth.

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Here's the message now posted on the restaurant's website.

After more than twenty (20) years of serving Boulder, Ristorante L (formerly known as Laudisio) has closed down its restaurant operations, effective as of Saturday June 8, 2013.

The restaurant would like to thank all its patrons who have been dining with us at our 29th Street location (since 2006) and previously at the Iris location.

Antonio Laudisio can still be found weekly at the Boulder Farmers' Market. He is also still available for catering events and pizza parties. If you would like to talk to Antonio about a catered event or a pizza party, he can be contacted via e-mail at

Location Info

Laudisio Ristorante Italiano - CLOSED

1710 29th St., Boulder, CO

Category: Restaurant

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

$20,000.00 / month rent ... over $2 MILLION to build it ... that's a big nut to crack every month.

They were doing gangbusters -- standing room only most afternoons -- with the extended Happy Hour and discounted appetizers ...up until they changed to The "L" and dropped most of the specials.

Next predicted closing = Pasta Vino

Fred Kaplan
Fred Kaplan

It is unfortunate that many family style restuarants are closing. Too many americans taste buds have been killed by eating at Taco Bell, McD and same-food chain resturants.


It's a bummer Laudisio's (or whatever it was called at the end) closed because it's such a Boulder institution, but they didn't close because of the chains - if anything, they got the benefit of being the one non-chain restaurant near the movie theater, and I know a lot of folks that went there just for that reason (plus the gorgeous bar area).

The sad truth is that they closed because their food didn't keep up with the Boulder dining scene.  What was considered inventive and upscale 20 years ago doesn't cut it anymore, and while Laudisio's prices were aligned with other higher-end places in town, the quality and creativity of their food and ingredients didn't compare favorably.  I had enough severely overcooked seafood paellas (at an Italian place?), gummy pastas, and badly butchered steaks there that I stopped going even for post-movie drinks.  I'm glad Antonio found a new niche with his pizzas (which are consistently much better out of his trailer than they were at the restaurant) and I hope whomever takes over that space can either hit a lower price point or have better food (or both, in a perfect world).


@Fred Kaplan I wouldn't call Laudisio's "family style."  It tried to be trendy and high-end, not really to appeal to families.  And the prices were way out of what I'd consider to be the "family" range (simple first-course pastas were $15 to $20, and entrees were mostly $25 to $35).  And I'm pretty confident that the people potentially paying $27 for their scallop risotto aren't the same demographic that's regularly going to McDs and Taco Bell for dinner.


@stephcedars @monopod During happy hour only, and that's for no toppings - regular priced pizzas were around $10-13 (for an 11" neopolitan-style pizza).  The pizzas were similarly priced and not even close to the quality of the neopolitan pies at Pizzeria Locale, Pizzeria Basta or Pizzeria Da Lupo, all of which opened nearby in recent years and raised the bar on this style of pizza (at a similar pricepoint).  As I said, they didn't do a good job of keeping up with the competition.

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