Reader: The only good thing about Old Chicago is that it's better than Red Robin

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Lori Midson
Pepperoni rolls from Old Chicago.

Old Chicago got its start in Boulder in 1976; since then, it's grown to close to a hundred locations around the country. The Broomfield-based chain is now in the midst of a national brand redesign that includes a new look and revamped menu, as well as a slightly changed name: Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom. Jenn Wohletz recently stopped by the store at 1280 South Colorado Boulevard to check out the changes; the pepperoni rolls remain a favorite, and while she found the beer offerings impressive, they travel far from Colorado.

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That doesn't sit well with Colorado craft-beer fans. And neither does the rest of the place, according to Sobofan:

The only good thing about Old Chicago these days is that it's better than Red Robin (another bland, boring Colorado chain). Which isn't much.

What do you think of Old Chicago? Red Robin? What's your favorite local chain?

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Old Chicago

1280 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO

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Old Chicago is the only pizza in recent memory where I failed to finish what was on my plate because I lost interest.  I'm usually a clean-the-plate-and-the-plates-of-those-around-me kind of guy - especially where pizza's concerned - but Old Chicago's pizza was too nasty even for me.  Weirdly spongy crust with a chemical fake-butter flavor, cheese that softens but doesn't exactly melt (either super-cheap or previously frozen mozzarella, most likely), etc.  My understanding is that the pepperoni rolls are just leftover pizza dough and scraps of pepperoni, which doesn't seem like much of an improvement.  The beer selection is good, but that's true of any number of much, much better places.  Pass.

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