Reader: I don't want a liberal helping of political BS with my order

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Parsley is known for its healthy food and healthy distrust of business-as-usual in corporate America. "American Express is a big, greedy bank that will take every penny that they can get," says owner Jason Bailey. "They advertise 'fewer fees' and 'double the rewards,' but that couldn't be more opposite of the truth. The financial burden is falling on small business owners that are already working overtime and still struggling." And so his healthy-foods spot in the Golden Triangle is offering its first-ever promotion: Cut up your American Express card at Parsley, and you get a free sandwich.

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But some diners don't want a side of politics with their meal.

Says Denver Dave:

I really am paying for food, service, ambience when I eat out - and, that's it. I've avoided this place like the plague ever since I found out that your get a liberal helping of socio/economic political b.s. with your order. Pass. Peddle your agenda somewhere else.
What do you think of Parsley's American Express promotion? Its food in general? What's your favorite sandwich in Denver?

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303 W. 11th Ave., Denver, CO

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Jamie Park
Jamie Park

Dang it! We just shredded our AMEX cards last week!

Shane Linart
Shane Linart

When it comes to a great sandwich I am willing to put up just about anything, and this place has great sandwiches.


Best sandwich............try Little Carmine's now that Carbone's is closed..........hard to beat Masterpiece Deli


Who cares.  The Cherokee is a bad ass sandwich

ScubaSteve topcommenter


Did it occur to you that the cherokee is the name of a sandwich on the menu at Parsley?  Duh.

the cherokee    $7.95 / 5.95 for half
roasted turkey, chipotle sauce, pepper jack cheese, organic red onion, organic tomato (or sundried), roasted green chiles –spicy

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