Chef Zorba's puts on a new face

Philip Poston
If you drive by Chef Zorba's Greek Restaurant today, you might notice that something is askew. The awning is down, and there's scaffolding up. But don't worry; the restaurant is still open -- it's just putting on a new face.

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Chef Zorba's has been a staple in the Congress Park neighborhood since it opened in 1978, beloved for its big breakfasts and Greek fare.

In 2004 it moved next door to a bigger and better spot; now it's getting its first facelift in a decade. The owners hope to have the work done by the weekend, and in the meantime they promise that the restaurant will remain open with no disruption to service.

Location Info

Chef Zorba's Greek Restaurant

2626 E. 12th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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