Reader: Is there no hidden gem on Federal Boulevard?

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A rare treat? Pho with rare steak at Pho Duy.
Mark Antonation has been eating his way up Federal Boulevard in A Federal Case, and yesterday he reached Pho Duy, the third spot in Denver's trio of terrific noodle joints in one strip mall. You'd think that would be enough for some people...but no.

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Says chuckroast:

I'm still holding out hope that you'll uncover at least one hidden gem. So far it's been all of the well-known spots, like Pho Duy, along with a handful of average restaurants.
What do you think of the restaurants that Mark Antonation has visited for A Federal Case? What's your favorite spot on Federal Boulevard? Post your suggestions below, and read Mantonat's response to chuckroast here.

Location Info

Pho Duy

945 S. Federal Blvd., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

Columbine Steak House on 3rd and Federal.


El Tacos Veloz on 4th and Federal tends to fly under the radar.

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