Reader: Phat Thai closed to become something more fitting for Cherry Creek -- bore

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The future home of Harman's Food and Drink.
The changes continue in Cherry Creek, where Tony P's closed on Sunday -- the day after Mark Fischer shuttered Phat Thai, which will become Harman's Eat and Drink at the end of this month. "The menu is focused on seasonal American cuisine, and it's approachable without compromising our approach to cooking -- it's not dumbed down or any less chef-y; it's cooked, prepared and served with integrity," promises Fischer.

But will that play in Cherry Creek?

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Says ughno:

It's for financially-secure senior citizens with failing taste buds or dim wits that live around the area. Phat Thai closed to become something more 'befitting' to the 'neighborhood'-Harman's, bore. The best place to eat around there is Hapa, and that is only for the stellar happy hour. Good riddance I wish to Cherry Creek, ugh.

What's your favorite place to eat in Cherry Creek? What kind of restaurant does Cherry Creek need?

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Phat Thai - CLOSED

2900 E. 2nd Ave., Denver, CO

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Pick it up and put it in another neighborhood and I think it'd do fine.  I agree with Helkins, I don't go to Cherry Creek by choice...definitely not for dinner.  

helkins 1 Like

Cherry Creek is the last place I'd go for dinner.


Bummer. This was the only place in Denver doing "fusion" well.


Just ate at the Pullman a few days ago in Glenwood Spring, the owners' other restaurant that they want to model Harman's after.  Very nice, spot.  If they can bring that kind of vibe to Cherry Creek, I think it would be a welcome addition to Denver.   Please just don't make it another Hillstone. 

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