Reader: Scratch Burrito is not your typical burrito, but welcome to the neighborhood!

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Lori Midson
Start your weekend on Scratch Burrito's patio.
Scratch Burrito & Happy Tap opened on Tuesday in the former home of Shazz, and quickly inspired discussions of 1) the geographic boundaries of the Berkeley neighborhood, 2) how much a burrito should cost and 3) whether burritos are authentic Mexican fare. But ultimately, no matter the origins of the featured menu item, the real question is how it tastes.

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And Amy 1014 has an opinion on that:

I went today after this write-up. If you want a $5 lunch, go to Subway. This was so good and not your typical burrito ingredients. It is not your typical burrito and if you want authentic Mexican or whatever said commenters would like to call it, this is not it. I applaud and more than appreciate the creativity in what they brought to a burrito to make it their own. I already love Scratch Burrito and Happy Tap and welcome them to the neighborhood. The place is also pretty hip inside with a great bar.

Have you been to Scratch Burrito yet? What's your favorite burrito in town?

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Scratch Burrito and Happy Tap

4262 Lowell Blvd., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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or of course try some BBQ ribs.........

davebarnes topcommenter

My favorite burrito? The Junior from Burrito Giant. Pulled pork is the best. 2 blocks from my house.

WillieStortz topcommenter

@davebarnes  Burrito Giant, the only place that makes Chubby's look gourmet.

Did you buy a used weight bench too?

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