Get juiced at The Juicing Tree

Owner Paul Krzystyniak at The Juicing Tree.
Paul Krzystyniak spent a year mastering the art of making cold-pressed juices from raw fruits and vegetables, and now he's sharing the fruits of his labor at The Juicing Tree, the shop he opened last week at 1504 Ivanhoe Street. While cold-pressed juices -- healthier because they don't involve high-pressure pasteurization, he says -- are all the rage in New York, the pulp-free, natural, raw juices are hard to find here.

With the Juicing Tree, Krzystyniak is making that process much easier. And he hopes to make it easier still by opening other storefront locations, as well as introducing deliveries.

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All photos by Trevor Andersen
But in the meantime, his store just off Colfax Avenue offers a selection that includes -- but is not limited to -- mixes that he's dubbed Soul Shine, Green Wizard and Sunny Side, all "juice with integrity."

The Juicing Tree is open from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Find more information on the Juicing Tree's website.


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The Juicing Tree

1504 Ivanhoe St., Denver, CO

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Fresh, not frozen fruits and veggies are expensive to maintain.  The 'cheap' food you are used to is not infused with the same vitamins, nutrients and life force as items that are fresh.  Think of how quickly your fruits and veggies turn over into compost.  That means to ensure a quality product it takes some 'overhead' to run a good business when dealing with "FRESH" food not loaded with preservatives and/or frozen.  

Wholesome fresh foods business requires some overhead.  You are not buying a bag of chips, or canned beans here.  You are buying Real Food with a trusted process to maintain it's goodness in a way that your body can more easily and readily absorb the vitamins and minerals contained within the fibers of the veggies.

Sure, McDonalds is less expensive, but what price is your body and the future of the human race and world paying for this 'inexpensive' food?  

Your choices TODAY matter.  Your money is your vote.  Vote for what you stand for with it.  I am choosing to vote for health, and not just for myself in this moment, but in abstaining from processed foods I am voting to NOT maintain those types of businesses.  That is my choice and I am SO grateful for people willing to take a step and be a revolutionary businessman in an area where people have not yet heard of paying for good health rather than paying for medicine to treat symptoms.

Food feeds thought.  

Congratulations Paul!  May you feed many with the nourishment you are providing!!!


$10 is an awful lot of money to charge for cutting a hole in a coconut and pouring the contents into a bottle. Suddenly those $9.50 Scratch burritos seem like a screaming bargain.


There's just something about paying someone 11 dollars for a 16oz drink that doesn't include alcohol or more than pressing fruits and veggies that perplexes me. Anyone who can afford to go there already has a Vitamix at home, or should go and get one. 

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