Photos: The Whittier Pub brings a local saloon to the Whittier neighborhood

All photos by Trevor Andersen
The Little Pub Company just opened the latest in its chain of neighborhood bars and restaurants, The Whittier Pub, at 2000 East 28th Avenue.

Mark Berzins, who runs Little Pub, told Westword earlier this year that he's not normally an urban pioneer, preferring to open new locations in established areas. But this was a chance to breathe some life into the Whittier neighborhood, which has very few bars and restaurants. The location is the former home of M&D's Café.

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Although M&D's didn't have a bar, Whittier Pub general manager Victor Muniz (pictured above) says that accents from several other watering holes combine to give the Whittier a true pub feel. They include a bar from an old saloon in Boston, door frames from the Armory in Greeley, and booths from one of Little Pub's first bars, The Spot. There is also stained glass throughout.

To connect the bar to the neighborhood itself, Little Pub has hung pictures taken by Shawn Snow and some donated by Manual High School. The place also has a large patio -- and its own parking lot, in case you don't happen to live in the neighborhood.


Keep reading for more photos of the Whittier.

Location Info

The Whittier Pub

2000 E. 28th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Looks very nice and I wish them well.  I also hope that they hire some big bouncers because I think that neighborhood is far from gentrified.  Making progress indeed  but would I walk around that neighborhood at night?  No way.  I have a friend who lives just a few blocks away and gunfire is a very frequent nighttime occurrence and bars tend to attract a more "rowdy" element.  

joey murdah
joey murdah

It's a nice addition to the neighborhood. I just wish it had been there the past 3 years I lived only a few houses away.


@Denver Dave Are you sure about that? When was the last time you were in the neighborhood? There are a ton of regular, working people who live in the neighborhood, and it's really quite nice. But I do hope people keep thinking the way that you do ("gunfire is very frequent", lol--it's like fallujah over here!!!)--it will keep the housing prices down.

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