Reader: Do people who complain about another taco joint also complain about another pizza place?

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Lori Midson
Agave Taco Bar is now open in Washington Park.
Rafael Najera just opened Agave Taco Bar in Washington Park, in the former home of The Local. Najera is the longtime executive chef of Washington Park Grille and Max Gill and Grill, and Agave is owned by the same pair who own those two restaurants. And what's on the menu at Agave? "The kind of food I grew up eating in Mexico -- the kind of food that I've been eating forever and will always eat," he says. "I think the neighborhood is going to like what we're doing."

And, of course, a few people will quibble.

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Here's how Eric greeted the news:

Great. We were running low on Mexican food joints.

Others complained about the similarity in names -- how many other joints in the area have Agave in their titles? -- and menus -- ditto for fancy tacos.

But gabyyy responds:

So all the people complaining about stolen menus must think that both Machete and Pinche Tacos stole their menus from the original Denver taquerias on Federal, right? Cause let me tell you, lengua, al pastor, etc tacos, guacamole, queso fundido, and so on are not original to anyone. If you want the source of flavored tortillas, go to Mexico.

And no doubt, the people complaining OH NO MORE MEXICAN/TACO JOINTS surely say the same every time a new pizza place opens up. Or a new Italian/Chinese spot. Right?

I think I'll just wait and try the menu myself...

Have you been to Agave Taco Bar yet? What else does the Wash Park neighborhood need?

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Agave Taco Bar

2217 E. Mississippi Ave., Denver, CO

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gabyyy must not frequent this blog, otherwise she'd know the answer to her question is yes. We absolutely complain about every new pizza place, especially if it's on South Broadway.


Agave right now seems to fall in the middle road of taco places. I was not blown away by the food or disappointed by it. The tacos were on the smaller side compared to other taco places. The choices for the tacos were interesting but fell a little flat on execution. 

I do think it is worth checking out since they just opened. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. Will they overcome these hurdles and move up the ranks and rival the king of tacos which is Pinche or fall to the ranks of Margs Taco Bistro.

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