Reader: Big Smoke Burger, more choices at lower prices -- consumer wins big!

Lori Midson
Is Denver an "immature" burger market? That's what Cameron Tune thinks, and so he chose Glendale's City Set project for the first U.S. outpost of his Canada-based Big Smoke Burger. "There are a lot of one-off and two-off burger places in Denver -- Crave and Juicy Burger, for example -- and there are lots of dine-in places, too, but the fast-casual segment doesn't have a lot of competition; it's not saturated," says Tune. And so today he'll open a Big Smoke Burger in the 1,800-square-foot space wedged between the just-opened Jax and soon-to open Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria.

And more will be coming: Tune plans to open four more Big Smoke Burger locations in Denver and Boulder over the next five years.

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Smart idea, says Michael:

In a down economy like we are in now, people still want to go out and eat, but they don't want to spend as much money to do it. So, in that environment, high end restaurants add "Value Menus" and the number of hamburger and hot dog restaurants explodes. That additional competition on the lower end of the market drives prices down even further and the consumer ends up winning big. More choices at lower prices. Lots of new players entering the Denver market now every month it seems. Maid-Rite has two locations now in the south end of town already. How much longer can it be before White Castle and In-and-Out Burger come to town?

Anyone want to bet on whether Denver will ever get an In-and-Out? What burger joint would you like to see come to town? Leave town?

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Big Smoke Burger

650 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO

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Plenty of room left for a great burger place to come in. Most burger places are terrible with only a handful putting out a decent burger. Five guys and steak and shake suffer because they are not from this region orginally. Which makes the quality very difficult to control.

Larkburger is the best so called fast casual burger hands down.

It will be interesting to see how Big Smoke does against them.

Ellen Kessler
Ellen Kessler

What we need are more vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Denver, and not this cruel crap.


So when does the fast-casual burger market reach its saturation point?  Between multiple locations of Smashburger, LarkBurger, and Five Guys, it feels pretty well covered.  If you add in those "one and two off" joints like Juicy Burger, Park Burger, and H Burger and all of the chains from other communities that are dipping a toe in the Denver market (Freddies, Culver's, Steak 'n Shake), it feels pretty well covered.


@neiladammckenzie My favorite in this fast-casual category was the local Old School Burger micro-chain.  It was a top-notch In-N-Out knockoff with spots in Aurora and Parker.  I was really bummed when they disappeared a couple of years ago.

If not being from this region originally is a threat to quality, Big Smoke may struggle.  They're based in Toronto.  I wish them well though, and I'm looking forward to giving it a try in the next couple of weeks.


@Ellen Kessler I second that.  This town is over-saturated with burger joints that offer no difference from each other.  When 20% of the population here is vegetarian and going gluten-free, who needs this?

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