First look: Churchill's Public House opens today

All photos by Danielle Lirette
Churchill's Public House has a variety of imported beers.
It's been a long haul -- owners Keith Winyard and Pete Satchell did much of the work themselves, and weathered floods and other disasters during construction -- but Churchill's Public House officially opens its doors to the public today. Churchill's is located in the heart of LoHi, Denver's hottest restaurant neighborhood, right across the street from Lola on the ground floor of a hip new apartment complex.

Keep reading for a look at the new pub.

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Owners Keith Winyard and Pete Satchell toast behind the bar.



Bar manager Karl Royer garnishes a Pimm's Cup.

A "Beast of Burden" and a Pimm's Cup at Churchill's Public House.


Keep reading for more photos of Churchill's Public House.

"The Library" at Churchill's Public House.




Churchill's Public House is open from 11 a.m. to midnight; find more information on Churchill's Facebook page.

Location Info

Churchill's Public House - CLOSED

1560 Boulder St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Can't wait to check it out. Great addition to the neighborhood. 

fishingblues topcommenter

Might be a great place, but their selection of name is questionable.  All I can think about is the lazy turd, worthless, plagiarist commie that CU had much difficulty kicking to the curb.   

fishingblues topcommenter

@Gerard_Portmanteau @fishingblues   I do know Winston.  In fact I gave him the nickname.  However, he lives in Phoenix and is likely not related to the discussion.  

1st rule of marketing:  never use a language, a name or a word that may be construed as negative.  

fishingblues topcommenter

@Michael564 @fishingblues @Gerard_Portmanteau              Mike:  here's a clue for you dude.  Not everyone is in your situation, nor do they think like you.  2%/year population growth does not translate to a complete turnover in population.  However, believe what you want.  I think I'll open a restaurant and name it "Crapola on a Stick".  You coming by?  


@fishingblues@Gerard_PortmanteauSeriously? Yeah, late to the conversation -- but I'm also late to Denver. Ward? I remember him vaguely, as he was making news while I was unpacking into my new Denver home. Denver is so transient, there is an entire population that has moved here since the CU scandal, and none of those people have a clue who Ward is.
Pretty much *any* name someone attaches to a bar or restaurant can be flipped to a negative connotation. ("Ralph's", yuck!) Fishing, you made a silly comment and got slammed for it. Own up and let it go.

fishingblues topcommenter

@Gerard_Portmanteau @fishingblues   Okay Gerald, if you want to continue to argue a dead end discussion, free to look like a moron.  My point remains and has nothing to do with Ward or Winston specifically.  If one is to open a business and wishes to attract customers, it is wise to not use any negative connotations in your language.  You are right, more people will associate with Winston in this context.  However, there will be a number that associate with Ward and it will be a negative association.   Jazus!  Freaking kids!  


@fishingblues @Gerard_Portmanteau 

Yeah, seriously.  Remember Jim Sullivan's ill-fated Mao restaurant in Cherry Creek?  What really got me was the wall-sized painting of the murdering chairman, with Jim's face blended into the painting.  Hubris?  Perhaps.  Doomed to fail from the moment it opened?  You bet.

fishingblues topcommenter

@Gerard_Portmanteau @fishingblues            As you well know, I was being descriptive of the true nature of things and you were being judgmental and arbitrary.   Wow dude, do you own the place?  There are many better discussions than this going on.  Check out "off the grid" or "Stephen Polk" if you want to argue.

fishingblues topcommenter

@Gerard_Portmanteau @fishingblues  Wanna bet?  The nimrod commie made it so public fighting the inevitable, I would believe his name recognition to be quite high.  You calling it "right-wing revenge politics" says much more about you than anyone who may remember his name in a negative context.  


@fishingblues @Gerard_Portmanteau You nicknamed Winston Churchill? Good lord, man, how old are you??? I'm not even gonna ask about the Phoenix thing.

Here's the deal: people have names, sometimes people who do things you don't like, and occasionally those names are going to be used in a different, unrelated context. I highly doubt that anyone not totally wired into right-wing revenge politics thinks of ol' Ward and his unfiltered cigs when they see a *British Pub* called "Churchill's."

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