Jack Casey's Four Mile House reaches the end of the line

Jack Casey's Four Mile House, a Glendale fixture for decades, has closed. The bar, which won Westword's 2003 Best of Denver award for Best Happy Hour for Absolutely Free Food, started life as a barn, back in the days when what's now Glendale was filled with dairy farms dedicated to quenching Denver's thirst for more wholesome beverages. But by the time Jack Casey bought the place in the '60s, it was already a venerable tavern.

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When we stopped in last summer, though, it was clear the place had gone downhill.

"About time," said one commenter when Backbeat broke the news of the closure last week, after Glendale had revoked the bar's liquor license after a series of violations.

"In recent history it has been nothing short of a disaster," said another.

It's a sad end to the town's oldest saloon -- which is not to be confused with Four Mile House, a Denver park located in Glendale, which was once a stagecoach stop four miles southeast of the original Denver.

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Jack Casey's Four Mile House - CLOSED

4590 Leetsdale Drive, Denver, CO

Category: Music

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El Rico Dicho is also kaput. Don't know for how long...

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