Reader: I tied on my very first legal drunk at Four Mile House

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While City Set has elevated the restaurant scene in Glendale, the town just lost its oldest bar: Jack Casey's Four Mile House. The joint started life as a barn, back in the days when what's now Glendale was filled with dairy farms dedicated to quenching Denver's thirst for more wholesome beverages. By the time Jack Casey bought the place in the '60s, it was already a venerable tavern -- but it had definitely slid downhill in recent years.

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Says Gerard:

Despite these many (undoubtedly true) tales of bad ownership, I'll always remember the 4 Mile House as the place I tied on my very first legal drunk all those years ago. RIP.
Did you ever drink at Jack Casey's Four Mile House? Where was your first legal drunk in Denver?

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Jack Casey's Four Mile House - CLOSED

4590 Leetsdale Drive, Denver, CO

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Fletcherneedsajob topcommenter

El Rico Dicho is also kaput. Don't know for how long...

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