Reader: GABF has gone from cool funky festival to ridiculously hipster

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The Great American Beer Festival is going through some growing pains. Not only is it tough to get tickets, but brewers are finding it increasingly difficult to be included. Even though GABF organizers upped the number of breweries to 580 in 2012, a whopping 23 percent increase over the previous year and the highest number of breweries ever included at the festival, and plans to increase that again this year, some breweries have been shut out. And technology glitches aren't helping.

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Says Skinney85:

After attending the past 7 years, last year was my last. It started out a really cool funky festival now it's becoming ridiculously hipster with emphasis on getting as wasted as possible in 4 hour time span. Colorado is offering more and more beer festivals and I've discovered some really great beers that otherwise would've never made it in to GABF with a more intimate crowd.

What do you think of the changes at the Great American Beer Festival? Would you go -- if you could get tickets?

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ecurmudgeon 1 Like

Best thing that could be done to fix GABF is make the admission age at least 30.


I've been going since 1995 and the 7 year trend mentioned in the above comment is nothing new. When I first started going you got actual glasses and the ticket was $22. By the late 90's morons were taping the glasses to their hands, getting bombed and then high fiving each other with the glass hand and breaking it.


I volunteered at GABF for years and have seen the changes, not all for the better. I no longer work there or attend anymore. As 85 said, there are better events around town.

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