Reader: Matador will have more tequila-drunk hipsters roaming the neighborhood

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Take your best shot: The Matador bar.
The Matador, a link in a Seattle-based Tex-Mex chain, is slated to open in August on a block of West 32nd Avenue that's changed a lot over the last year. The Matador is taking over the home of the first Heidi's Deli, which closed last November; just down the street, the original Commons Ground closed in April; a location of Ink! Coffee will take over that space. The changes don't please everyone.

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Says Michael564:

More tequila-drunk hipsters roaming the neighborhood looking for their Car2Gos. Yay, us!

What do you think of what's happening along West 32nd Avenue? What restaurant would you like to see join the lineup?

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I don't think the people wandering around getting drunk in this neighborhood are hipsters. These folks are actual residents of the neighborhood, who moved in and renamed everything in the NORTH side. If there is any hate going on here it's resident on resident for being so 'cool'. Let's get serious this area is too far from Downtown for people to travel, so Yay, us! Say hi to to your neighbors. 

I grew up in this neighborhood until I was in my mid-thirties and had children. When I got tired of the neighbors (not hipsters) I decided to move myself and my latin ass family out. A case of reverse white flight? Guess where we went? Further into the suburbs, exploring everything outside of the reach of these complaining cretins that think they own the neighborhood (now primarily populated by non-natives). 

This neighborhood is now inhabited by a bunch of clones. Take note of them trying to parallel park their Audi's on each other while crying on their cell phones, desperately wondering when Whole Foods will arrive to liberate their mundane existence. Broke hipsters would be a blessing to this neighborhood, trust me.  


The only thing more insufferable than hipsters are hipster-pointer-outers. We get it, Michael. There are many hipsters in Denver. They have ironic mustaches and their pants are tighter than normal pants.

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