Pinche is celebrating National Tequila Day with free sips and all-day happy-hour prices

Mark Manger

Happy National Tequila Day! Yep, here we go with another reason to get drunk, just because you can, and the bar crew at both Pinche Taqueria locations is happy to help you achieve a stupor throughout the day with $4 house margaritas and free tequila sippers courtesy of several tequila companies.

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Complimentary sample shots from Suerte, Don Julio, Tequila Ocho and Uno Dos Tres will be part of today's festivities from 5 to 8 p.m, and from now until the doors close, the bars will be pouring $4 house margaritas, a mix of orange liqueur, Exotico tequila, fresh lime juice and pure cane sugar. By the way, that margarita won a Westword Best Of award in 2012.

Each of the participating tequila companies will pour their blanco and reposado, says Pinche Highland bartender JJ Ahern. "The Suerte blanco is an herbal, sweet, citrusy, smooth tequila, while the reposado has more of a plum and butterscotch flavor profile with oak notes on the finish," he notes. The Don Julio blanco, he adds, "tastes of lemon-lime and grapefruit flavors, and on the back hand, there's some black pepper." The reposado, he explains, "smells like ripe stone fruit, hints at dark chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla, and leaves a touch of caramel apple on your tongue." And the Tequila Ocho blanco, he points out, "is a little different, because they use certain estates for certain productions, so it's hard to nail down a flavor profile, but they're all really good."

And while Ahern suggests trying them all, it's the joint's own margarita, he says, that imbibers should pay the most attention to. "It's got a really amazing fresh and pure taste -- there's no sweet and sour and no harsh flavors, so it's really well balanced and delicious," he notes.

Both Pinche locations are open until 10 p.m. tonight, giving you plenty of time to honor the day.

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Pinche Taqueria

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Funny how that health inspection story didn't make it onto Cafe Society.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Cafe Society named Pinche the best new restaurant in Denver 2012....better to nail the unhip restaurants owned and run by immigrants on the wrong side of town. 

david.m.roth 2 Like

Are they really giving out complimentary tequila because its national tequila day or are they trying to get people drunk so they don't notice the employees filthy hands, the raw meat sitting on top of bread, and the rodent feces on the floor?  Oh  wait, I forgot, it was the sister with all the health code violations, which is alllll the way down in the dumps off Colfax, so there is NO way possible that this could happen in our beloved Highlands even if it is the same owner.  I mean, they even have different names!  Happy eating everyone!

kizmiaz731 1 Like

Will never eat there after reading their last health inspection, and the owners reaction to it. gross.

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