Reader: Food is great at New Saigon, but the service doesn't come close to courteous

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This week Mark Antonation's travels along Federal Boulevard finally reached New Saigon, one of the city's oldest Vietnamese restaurants, and definitely its most popular...despite some concerns regarding surly waiters. Although Antonation and his family encountered nothing but friendly faces when they stopped in, Laura Shunk had a different experience when she reviewed New Saigon eighteen months ago.

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Says Denver Dave:

Well, I am a long time fan of New Saigon. I think the food is great but I have to say I have yet to have service that even resembled courteous. Usually I am happy to have someone acknowledge my existence and deliver a check. Not rude exactly, just no interest in serving you if you aren't Asian.

Have you eaten at New Saigon lately? How did you like the food? The service?

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New Saigon

630 S. Federal Blvd., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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I've always found service is always crappy at NS going back over a decade. So much so I don't  go there often. I don't need friendly or fawning, just to be recognized. I've had waiters refuse to sell me certain menu items--the only place in town to do that.

On the other hand, the New Saigon bakery/deli next door is very friendly, sometimes they get bogged down speed wise, but otherwise they are great.

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