Reader: If you see "Philly cheesesteak," what you're ordering is not authentic

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This week, Lori Midson served up the cheesesteak pictured above in Guess Where I'm Eating? In Philadelphia, cheesesteaks are a cultural obsession -- but in Denver, they're often an abomination, bearing no resemblance to the dish you can find all over Philadelphia. Still, even in that city, there are many frauds masquerading as the meaty sandwich.

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That's what sales422 says:

I was born and raised in Philly. WARNING! If you go someplace and you see the combination of words: "Philly cheesesteak" what you're ordering is not authentic. Most places outside of Philly use roast beef of all things. Sacrilege!

Going by the picture above, it looks like they use frozen Steak-Umms "meat". Low grade. The only reason why you'd smother a steak in CheezWiz is to cover the off-taste.

The 3 icons in Philly, Pat's, Geno's and Jim's, are for tourists and drunks at 3am. You come to Philly, you go out of your way for a top grade steak like Steve's which uses Top Round and it melts in your mouth.

BTW, no one, I mean no one says "wit" or "wit out" in Philly. Well, maybe some toothless meth addicts in "Soufilly"... Enjoy your Steak-Umms.

Have you found an authentic cheesesteak in Denver? Where?

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If the word "Philly (or Philadelphia) precedes "cheesesteak", chances are it is not authentic. Green peppers? Please. Anything other than american cheese? Please. Amoroso rolls are a must. Colorado does cheesesteaks like everything else. Mediocre at best. The closest i could find was Taste Of Philly. Even still, i had to coach them.


What a moron!  I am from South Philly and here are a list of pretty damn good places.  Just google them to find out where they are...

Roberts Deli...Littleton

Large Marge's...Wheatridge

Southside Pizzeria....Littleton

Pat's ...Denver and a few other places

Taste of Philly...all over the place

South Philly Cheesesteaks....all over the place

Philly's cheesesteak Grill....Lakewood

D'Angelos Deli....Boulder

Waterton Tavern....Roxborough/Littleton

Denver Teds

Just google and you can find anything. 


Lived in Philly (Roxborough) for 9 years. Best Cheesesteak in Colorado...made in my kitchen.  Got some pointers from my friends at Dalessandro's and they are delicious.  You cannot get a decent steak in this state. At least you cannot get one at the restaurants where I have tried them.

Doug Yoshimura
Doug Yoshimura

Just because you're from someplace doesn't make you an expert. There are plenty of people from Philly here that don't share his opinion. Hope he doesn't get hurt on his fall from his high hiorse. Large Marge's in Wheatridge is pretty good BTW.

Daniel Mastracco
Daniel Mastracco

disagree. Went to school in Philly and this sounds like a pretentious douche. true though, that you can't get a real 'steak' here in CO


Sounds like you were raised on the Mainline and think you are from Philly.

A cheesesteak is peasant food meant to be made cheap and fast. The cheese steak meat is cut so thin because it's supposed to be made with cheap meat.

I put myself through school making thousands upon thousands of cheese steaks and everyone ordered them wit or witout.


I haven't been to Denver Ted's since I moved to the 'burbs, but it was by far the best cheesesteak in town.  They used to have a sign up that they used steer top round, and I believe they sliced it in house.  Don't know if that's still the case or not.

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