Ten patriotic foods for the Fourth of July

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It's hard to say what makes a food seem distinctly American -- perhaps its taste brings up a childhood memory, or its appearance a connection to an American pastime -- but there are definitely some things we consume that are as American as, well, apple pie. So as the fireworks go off tomorrow, here are the ten patriotic food items (in no particular order) that we'll grab along with the sparklers.

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10) Apple Pie
There's a reason the term "as American as apple pie" was coined: pie, especially the apple variety, has induced nostalgia throughout American history. Ask anyone what memories they have of the flaky, gooey patriotic pastry and you'll get a flood of sentimental accounts of orchard trips and pies cooling on hometown window sills. Whether served on its own, à la mode or with a slice of cheddar cheese, there will be apple pie at an Independence Day picnic near you -- and then on the Thanksgiving table, in case you don't get your fill this summer.

9) Hot Dogs
Although hot dogs have questionable patriotic beginnings -- the word "frankfurter" was inspired by Frankfurt, Germany -- the concept as we know it planted its American roots when a German immigrant started selling hot dogs on Coney Island in the 1870s. A few decades later, hot dogs and baseball started playing on the same team. Today, we eat hot dogs in endless incarnations and combinations: from the traditional all-beef dressed with ketchup, mustard, and relish, to elk and venison varieties smothered in a mess of delightful yet unexpected toppings.

8) Lemonade
Lemonade, the perfectly tart, not-too-sweet (if made right!) summer refresher, is iconic of youthful days spent manning a lemonade stand in the front yard or sipping the drink at a carnival. Whether made from real lemons or a powdery mix, the taste of lemonade will always let us know that summer is here.

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Naomi Wolinsky
Naomi Wolinsky

a list compiling the top 10 patriotic foods for the 4th of July that doesn't include watermelon or potato salad, is laughable. Ha!

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