Tortisimas opens on Federal with a tempting board of tortas

All photos by Lori Midson.

Tortas aren't as common in Denver as burritos, tacos and enchiladas, all of which are indicative of this city's defiant obsession with Mexican food, but the mighty torta, Mexico's president of sandwiches, is popping up along pavements throughout the city, the latest of which is Tortisimas, which just opened at 375 Federal Boulevard. The bread -- called a birote -- is procured from a local bakery and stands as the canvas for just about every topping you can imagine: ham, chorizo, pork chops, frankfurters, eggs, chicken, steak, pineapple, pickled onions, avocado, chiles, tomatoes and, of course, melted cheese. Tortisimas features nearly thirty tortas, all of which are served with a small cup of blood-red chipotle sauce. Housemade aguas frescas and desserts, including a chocolate flan, are also part of the Mexican journey. Feast on the photos on the next page.

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375 Federal Blvd., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Jamie Park
Jamie Park

Mmmm..Chris Sykes, we should check this place out if it's not too far from us.


@Richard Sebastian Federal & Hurr Durr

LoriMidsonCafeSociety moderator editor

@Richard Sebastian The address is in the text: 375 Federal Boulevard.

Mantonat topcommenter

@Richard Sebastian Between 3rd and 4th, I think. Right across the street from Tacos Veloz.

fishingblues topcommenter

@LoriMidsonCafeSociety   Lori, I'm relatively new here so forgive me for not mentioning this previously.  Did anyone ever tell you that you bear a striking resemblance to the Irish/English porn star Tiffany Walker?


@LoriMidsonCafeSociety Lori, you are presuming that your readers are not just identifying the pictures as food and then recognizing common words like "Federal" as ideograms to parse your articles.  Letters and numbers get tricky. I would revert to igniting small bundles of kindling and then smothering them with wet towels to create signals in order to alert locals of establishments which you recommend.  Best of luck.

fishingblues topcommenter

@LoriMidsonCafeSociety Thanks kid, but I'm still in the Springs.  Looks like back to Denver next year. I miss all the good places to eat.

Did your curiosity get to you?  Check it out; you could be twins (at least in her earlier years. 

LoriMidsonCafeSociety moderator editor

@fishingblues Ha! No, that's a new one. By the way, welcome to Denver.

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