Denver's ten top coffee shops for conversation


As a follow-up to our list of productivity-inducing coffee shops, we wanted to highlight a few of the many Denver coffee shops that celebrate the exchange of ideas as well as the simple pleasure of sitting down, enjoying the atmosphere, and sipping on a cup of coffee.

Here, in no particular order, are some of our favorite spots to meet, chat, and linger.

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10) Little Owl
1555 Blake Street
Pint-sized Little Owl is an unexpected respite from the midday LoDo bustle. Tucked into the bottom floor of a high rise, the space manages to be both immaculately designed and inviting. Although there's not enough room to spread out and work, it's perfect for conversation that feels protected from the noise and distraction of downtown Denver. Enjoy a hand-crafted cup of Corvus Coffee and try their house-made almond milk.


9) Common Grounds
2139 West 44th Avenue
The new Sunnyside outpost of Common Grounds continues this institution's tradition as a community gathering place, with a sprawling outdoor patio and a signature coffee blend -- called "The Radiator Blend" -- named after the buildings initial incarnation. Common Grounds is conducive to work or play, but its versatility makes it a great place to settle in for a meeting or to hang out with a friend.


8) Denver Bicycle Cafe
1308 East 17th Avenue
We featured Denver Bicycle Cafe on our work-productivity list for providing a comfortable space to tackle tasks -- but it also has a relaxing side. The side patio offers shaded tranquility for kicking back with a well-curated multitude of draft and canned beers, as well as coffee, tea, and local pastries. Patrons get also get a bike tune-up while they chill out.


7) Stella's Coffehaus
1476 South Pearl Street
Stella's, a neighborhood anchor, breathes life in to the term "coffee house," since it is actually located in an old Victorian. With a porch, gracious patio seating, and a library-mimicking lounge filled with books, you could easily rotate from zone to zone for hours, morning or night. Converse, grab a book, or people-watch. And as a bonus, the fire pit is a great place to linger as the chill starts to set in.

Location Info

Little Owl Coffee

1555 Blake St., Denver, CO

Category: General

Common Grounds

2139 W. 44th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Denver Bicycle Cafe

1308 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: General

Stella's Coffeehaus

1476 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO

Category: General

Weathervane Cafe

1725 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: General

Humble Pie - CLOSED

300 Elati St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Crema Coffee House

2862 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: General

Roostercat Coffee House

1045 Lincoln St., Denver, CO

Category: General

St. Mark's Coffeehouse

2019 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Pablo's Coffee

630 E. 6th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: General

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Im actually surprised Paris on the Platte isn't on here. Kinda disappointed.

Sarah Elizabeth Korus
Sarah Elizabeth Korus

2914 Coffee is my little secret coffeehouse because the coffee is amazing and it's nice and quiet!

Flora O'Muirgheasa
Flora O'Muirgheasa

I was a barista at Common Grounds on 32nd back in the day...cant wait to visit Denver again.

Simone-Elise Charles
Simone-Elise Charles

The Amsterdam Coffe Shop, Colfax and Elm. Former owner Geez Louise creates hideaway garden patio and hilarious conversation.


It would be really helpful if you had the correct, full addresses here.  For instance, St. Mark's is on East 17th. Just saying 17th implies it's downtown--not in Uptown/City Park...big difference to people unfamiliar with the area.


Stella's on Sour Pearl, eh?


The Market didn't make the cut? That's disappointing, it's one of the best places to meet friends and share a huge dessert over a cup of coffee. 

ScubaSteve topcommenter


The Market isn't really a coffee house.

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