Linger named one of America's Best Outdoor Restaurants by Travel + Leisure magazine

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Lori Midson
Marty Steinke, exec chef of Linger, takes in the view from up top.

Linger, Justin Cucci's globally-inspired hotspot in Highland, has taken its rooftop patio to new heights, so says Travel + Leisure magazine, which just released its list of America's Best Outdoor restaurants. Kate Parham, who penned the story, spoke to Cucci, who also owns Root Down -- anther Highland restaurant with a fantastic patio: "It's a winning combination of atmosphere, intoxicating food and drinks, and, as chef and owner Justin Cucci puts it, "an element of fun," writes Parham, who lavishes her own praise on the rooftop paradise:

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Walking out onto the 100-seat rooftop at Linger engages your senses: aromas of sweet sesame BBQ tacos from a food truck fill the air, while ahead lies an unadulterated view of the Denver skyline, with the Rockies in the distance. A line of thirsty hipsters forms at the walk-up window of a futuristic RV; they want a taste of the $5 happy-hour cocktails. It's no wonder the rooftop is packed.

She notes, too, that Linger lays claim to the "first-ever rooftop food truck." Not surprising, considering that Cucci has always been way ahead of the curve. Linger, of course, is on our own list of the city's most coveted rooftop patios, as are several more places where you can...linger. You can add Izakaya Den to that roster, as well, since its new rooftop deck, which was just unveiled a few weeks ago, is nothing short of smashing.

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2030 W. 30th Ave., Denver, CO

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Lia Giannosa
Lia Giannosa

Good thing we're going tonight Jamie and Kimberlie!!! WOOP!

Katie O'Reilly
Katie O'Reilly

I might like it more if I didn't have to fight for a table on the patio!

Sean O'Leary
Sean O'Leary

Impressive development. See you soon!#photographercamera


"Unadulterated view of the Denver skyline"

I'm guessing that the writer visited before the Line 28 apt building went up?


@_____ Yeah, it is most definitely "adultered" now, but it's still a stunning food setting.  I'm also wondering how she saw the Rockies in the distance while looking that direction.  Maybe she was referring to the baseball team?

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