Muneca's/Dolly's development is now a Bubba Chinos

Danielle Lirette
The latest Bubba Chinos opened August 1.
The new sign outside 4500 Washington Street caused more than a few drivers to slam on the brakes -- not just because they suddenly realized they needed some fiery Bubba Chinos green chile, but they wondered what had happened to the longtime tenants of the building, Muneca's Mexican Restaurant and Dolly's, which at various times had been everything from Dolly's Party Time to Dolly's Sport's Bar to Dolly's Chili Spot.

"I'm Dolly," says Betty Kelley, when asked about the changes at the location, where she's been for the past forty years, the last twenty of them at some variation of Dolly's. And the restaurant business is still there, but on August 1 she turned it into an outpost of Bubba Chinos, serving the dishes initially introduced at the first Bubba Chinos at 160 Federal Boulevard.

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"The food is excellent," Kelley says of the original Bubba Chinos recipes. But because they're now coming out of Kelley's kitchen, in a very different neighborhood from the original Bubba Chinos, they taste a little different here, she says.

Leonard Cordova is a grandson of Stella Cordova, the late, legendary powerhouse behind Chubby's. Many of her offspring went into the Mexican food business, including Leonard, who opened his first restaurant in 1999. A few years ago, Leonard had big plans for franchising Bubba Chinos outposts around the country -- but after a few missteps here in Denver, he's scaled back those plans.

But Kelley's operation looks like a good next stop for Bubba Chino's. She's put up a partition in the vast restaurant space, and might lease out some of the building to another business -- but right now, things are definitely cooking at 4500 Washington.

Location Info

Muneca's Dolly's Development

4500 Washington St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Bubba Chinos

4500 Washington St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Nate Mender
Nate Mender

I don't get Bubba Chinos either. It's salty, greasy, processed cheese nastiness. Although, so is most fast food.

Angie Valdez
Angie Valdez

Its about time, for the longest Dollys was nothing but a coke haven for junkies and quick hook ups-not judging just stating the facts- but at least with some decent food and a good company behind it it will help the area! Bubba Chinos is gonna be a household name soon like Taco Bell or Micky D's! Will send all my Stockshow customers over ther for sure!

Vaios Papastergiou
Vaios Papastergiou

Bubba Chinos is absolute shit! In fact, Circle K in Wheat Ridge tore up their lease recently and are opening their own deli. Even now former employees are saying that they (BC) are trash. I bet that company is really a drug cartel, laundering through a shit hole wanna be Mexican joint.

Virginia Lee
Virginia Lee

Is it a restaurant? ( no I didn't read the article lol)

Heather Bond
Heather Bond

Bubba Chino's opens in a location and then 6 months later is closed and moving to a different location. Their food isn't even good. I don't get it.

davebarnes topcommenter

Well, only uphill after this.
Can't go lower than a Bubba Chinos

ScubaSteve topcommenter

@Virginia Lee  

You're a moron.

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