Humboldt will open this fall in the former home of Strings

Restaurateur Noel Cunningham was the heart and soul of Strings, the restaurant he'd opened at 1700 Humboldt Street in February 1986, and after he took his life in late 2011, the life seemed to go out of the place. Finally his widow, Tammy, closed the restaurant at the end of April; longtime restaurateur Frank Day, founder of Old Chicago and Rock Bottom, as well as the current Concept Restaurants, signed on to take over the spot.

And now we know what will be going into this longtime restaurant address next.

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Here's the announcement that just came from Concept Restaurants:

August 22, 2013 -- Concepts latest addition to its hospitality group (Ignite, Rialto Café, Table Mountain Inn & Grill, Hotel Boulderado, Via Baci Italian Bistro and Woody's Wood-Fire Taverns) is proud to present "Humboldt", located in the iconic building at 1700 Humboldt in the Uptown neighborhood of Denver.

Humboldt opens this fall, promising to transform the historic space on 17th Avenue into one of Denver's favorite new restaurants. "Humboldt" Farm · Fish · Wine will serve chef inspired and reinterpreted classics, a fresh oyster menu, seasonal fresh salads, small plates for sharing as well as entrees featuring sustainable seafood, all natural steaks and a great burger or two all off the restaurant's authentic wood grill.

Concept Restaurants is bringing experience and artistic design into the approximately 4,000 square foot space, that houses 180 seats including outdoor seating and a private dining area in its distinctive atrium. The historic architecture has been preserved with the addition of contemporary design touches, creating an open, airy environment with transparency throughout the dining, bar and kitchen spaces. By delivering great food, service with personality and Concepts' own brand of hospitality, guests are welcomed into a relaxed, informal and yet energetic scene that is inviting, pleasantly surprising and satisfying.

Humboldt will provide free valet parking, serve lunch and dinner daily, brunch on weekends and offer a daily happy hour from 3-6 p.m. For more information visit:, Facebook: or Twitter @HumboldtFFW.

Does anyone else remember the restaurant at 1700 Humboldt Street before Strings? It was Cafe Ronchetti -- and bonus points if you can name the host who'd greet you at the door wearing rollerskates.

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1700 Humboldt St., Denver, CO

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

So sorry to see a chef driven, independent restaurant replaced by a corporate chain.  I was hoping for a much better legacy for Noel's baby.  What 17th Avenue restaurant row needs least is another Old Chicago, Rock Bottom, Rialto, ditto all of Concept Restaurant's mediocre crap joints.

Mantonat topcommenter

@Denver Dave I also hate this: "small plates for sharing ." Can any chef out there explain how small plates are better for sharing than regular sized plates? If something is really good on a small plate, you end up having to order a bunch of them to satisfy everyone at the table, or else you end up mangling the dish to give everyone a tiny taste. Good for the restaurant's bottom line no doubt, but not so good for the diner. The only time this has ever worked to my advantage was at Tamayo's bottomless brunch, where the waiter would bring enough plates for the whole table whenever we selected something off the menu.


@Mantonat @Denver Dave LOL! EXACTLY!! What we need is BIG plates for sharing, small plates for hoarding all to oneself. I don't know why nobody has pointed this out before....I smell a James Beard award for Mantonat.

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