100 Favorite Dishes: Migas tacos from Moontower Tacos

Lori Midson

Suffice it to say that I eat out more than the general population, unless, of course, the general population can catalogue more than 450 restaurant meals in a year -- which is about the number of breakfasts, lunches and dinners that I stomached in 2012. Pathetic, isn't it? But all those food dates are worth the gluttony, because it allows us to tell you where you should eat, a little favor that we started in late 2009, when we embarked on a culinary journey that took us through our favorite dishes in the Mile High City -- 100, to be exact. Now we're back with round three, counting down (in no particular order) 100 more of our favorite dishes in Denver (and Boulder). If there's something in particular that you think we need to try, reveal it in the comments section below, or shoot me an e-mail at lori.midson@westword.com.

No. 80: Migas tacos from Moontower Tacos

If you've ever been to South Texas, then you understand the general public's unwavering fidelity to breakfast tacos. You may as well just deem them "God" and call it a day. And here's where I agree with the Texans: Breakfast tacos are one of the greatest foods around -- and much better, in my not so humble opinion, than breakfast burritos.

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When Moontower Tacos opened earlier this year at Grant Street and Sixth Avenue, owner and Austin, Texas transplant Brent Thrash unleashed a board of tacos, including migas, which is served all day, every day, and since I'm one of those people who doesn't relegate eggs (or tacos) to the morning hours, it's been my go-to taco joint to indulge in breakfast...for dinner. And once I wrapped my jaws around the migas tacos, the flour or corn tortillas generously stuffed with buttery, soft-scrambled eggs, slices of fresh avocado, oil-crisped tortilla strips and glossy, jalapeño-spiked, three-cheese queso that's the hue of a flaming canary, I was immediately hooked. He crowns the tacos with a blot of pico de gallo, and the result is a breakfast novelty -- at least in Denver -- that would even be a star deep in the heart of Texas.

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Moontower Tacos

609 Grant St., Denver, CO

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Meh - tried this place and hated it.  Soggy, flabby corn tortillas overloaded with "wet" ingredients to make a messy pseudo taco - yech.  Maybe I just don't get the "Austin" style breakfast taco thing.


@Denver Dave Coulda just ordered flour tortillas instead, right pal? But then you wouldn't have to waste our time with your childish, emotional rant. WAAAAAA! Cut me a freaking break man.


That was not a childish emotional rant. This is

"Anonymity is your friend here, dude, b/c your words would equal missing teeth if these words were spoken in person. Greg and I would put you upside down in a trash can and piss on you if you had the balls to actually claim these words. Coward"

And so is this

"Coulda just ordered flour tortillas instead, right pal? But then you wouldn't have to waste our time with your childish, emotional rant. WAAAAAA! Cut me a freaking break man."

You say "waaaaaa!" and then call him childish? What a moron.


@yodownmuthalicka @Denver Dave The guy says he didn't like a taco and you take offense and insult him? What a dick. Yeah, that was really an emotional rant. How dare he waste your time?Because its all about YOU.Once again you create a reason to be an asshole out of thin air. But you wouldn't the asshole you are if you passed up a chance, or failed to create a reason out of thin air, to insult a stranger. Asshole

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

@yodownmuthalicka @Denver Dave If it was a flour tortilla it wouldn't be a taco would it?  Obviously, you know not of what you speak when it comes to tacos.  WAAAAAA!  So sad you are so stupid.  The freaking break is all yours.  Right pal?

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