25 things you never knew about Melissa Durant, bartender at the forthcoming Acorn

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As Westword's Ask the Bartender columnist, I've talked with many bartenders for Cafe Society's "Behind the Bar" series, posing numerous questions to Denver's top bartenders...and often receiving the same answers: "I love chartreuse," or "I'm really into smoked cocktails/barrel aging/bottled cocktails."

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Some time ago, a Facebook friend posted 25 things about himself that most people weren't aware of -- and then he tagged me in the post, at which point I was supposed to do the same: rattle off 25 little-known facts about myself and ask someone else to follow suit. Instead, I'm asking Denver's bartenders to get up and close with Westword readers and share 25 lesser known tidbits about themselves -- and then name the next bartender that I should interview.

Last week, when I interviewed Ryan Layman, the bartender at Steuben's, he suggested that Melissa Durant, the bartender at Acorn, which will open within the next week at the Source, would be a good bet. I first met Durant a few years ago when she was behind the bar at Green Russell. I wasn't sure what to order, so I went with my default: a blanco tequila, neat. Throughout the night, she made some great cocktails, and it was a joy to watch her work. A year or so later, I judged an Iron Chef-style cocktail competition in a strip club, and Durant dominated three rounds of challenges, taking home the top prize. She's since become one of the more recognizable figures in Denver's bartending community, and in the following interview, she reveals that she's a real-life valley girl, in love with Bruce Springsteen and has weird tastes when it comes to food.

Herewith, 25 things you never knew about Melissa Durant

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Strangely enough she likes ricotta!

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