Photos: Aviano Coffee is back in Cherry Creek

After nearly four months of construction, Aviano Coffee is finally pouring again in Cherry Creek. Back in January, Aviano had to move -- quickly -- to a new home at 244 Detroit Street; it closed in May for major renovation work. And while not yet fully operational, Aviano launched its "soft open" today to give customers a feel for the new location. With no sign and no pastry bar, word-of-mouth and the strong smell of coffee in the air are bringing in the customers for now.

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Aviano's is scheduled to have a grand opening celebration on September 26, but will remain open until then -- although regulars may be roughing it a bit. "We've had a cult following here in Cherry Creek for a while now, so I'm seeing a lot of the same customers," explains owner Doug Naiman. "A lot of people have been patiently waiting for us to open back up."

And now they've been rewarded with an expansive new space, but the same great coffee. Here's a look at the new, improved Aviano.





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Aviano Coffee

244 Detroit St., Denver, CO

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Best cup of high end coffee in the city. 

Thank god its open, now Mumford and Sons can find extras for their next video.


@Greg Henry So, what's in your cup every morning, Missouri Greg? Folgers? Or, did you splurge Friday morning and buy yourself a mocha from Caribou Coffee? You wouldn't know what good, quality coffee is. And I'll bet you've never even set foot in Aviano. Get a life.


@Greg Henry Sure thing, "Greg" from Missouri. Go cheer for your overrated football teams!

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