Reader: Guess where you're eating? Hopefully close to an emergency room

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Lori Midson
Several times as week, Cafe Society serves up an unidentified food item and asks readers to guess where we're eating, for a chance to win an EatDenver deck. Some of the dishes are easy to identify, others stump the audience. But no Guess Where entry has inspired as many comments as a picture of mystery meat that Lori Midson posted on Tuesday -- comments not just about where that burger is served, but about the burger business in general.

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Victor's response to Guess where I'm eating?:

Hopefully close to an emergency room, because if this is your style of eating, won't be long before you will need triple bypass surgery. Grease, Cholesterol, YUCK!

And this from Patrick:

I dunno but I want it.
Read many, many more comments here. And come back to Cafe Society on Monday to find out where you, too, can get this burger.

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