Mark DeNittis, Alex Seidel, Biker Jim and Jenna Johansen dish on Denver's culinary scene and more

Before becoming Denver's hot dog gigolo, Jim Pittenger was a guest of the United States federal government.

The signature signs of a city that's on the culinary fast track reside in its willingness to take aggressive risks, push infinite boundaries and continually adapt to a fickle dining public whose expectations are always on the upswing. Denver is that city -- a major metropolis that refuses to slow down, unleashing triumphant restaurants, watering holes and breweries commanded by innovative masterminds, the likes of which have resulted in a James Beard Award-winning chef, nationally crowned cocktail champions and Einsteins of beer.

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As a prelude to the September 22 DISH, Westword's annual celebration of the Denver dining scene, we picked the brains of nearly fifty Denver chefs, all of whom weighed in on Denver's current culinary landscape and the trends that have made their mark this past year. But that's not all we wanted to know: We also wondered which ingredient best personified their personalities and what ritual was an integral part of their daily routine.

Herewith the dish from Mark DeNittis, Jenna Johansen, Alex Seidel and Jim Pittenger; watch for more installments over the next several days, and don't miss part one, part two, part three and part four of our DISH chef series, all of which appeared earlier this week.

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Jenna- You and Mark rock. How big of a bell do I need for my french press to be delivered? My cattle dogs are still learning how to make coffee. And yes, you really are a sweetheart. Meathead

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