Does Pizzeria Locale have the right ingredients for Denver?

Creativity is a good thing, except in pizza, when cooks have been known to slap on ingredients better left to other things. Peaches, for example, are great inside a fluted, buttery crust, but not so good smothered with streusel on the dessert pizza I had at a festival this summer.

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At Denver's Pizzeria Locale, toppings also stray from the tried-and-true. But with ingredients such as castelvetrano olives, pork meatballs and corn to choose from, the results are far better.

Find out what I thought of Lachlan Patterson and Bobby Stuckey's fast-casual approach to Neapolitan pie when my review of Pizzeria Locale is posted here tomorrow.

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Pizzeria Locale

550 Broadway Blvd, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Ruben Morgan
Ruben Morgan

What they needed to bring was the wood fired pizza oven. The Locale in Boulder makes a much better product and the difference is the oven.

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