Eat St. filming Denver food trucks for Mile-High Mealtime segment

Lori Midson
El Toro the Tot is one of several Denver food trucks that will appear in an upcoming Eat St. segment.

Seven Denver-based food trucks, including Quiero Arepas, Pink Tank, Orange Crunch, Hey PB&J, Big Kiwi's Gourmet Eats, El Toro the Tot and Street Eats 5280, are getting their fifteen minutes of fame this week and next as filming crews from Eat St., a meals-on-wheels show hosted by James Cunningham that bills itself as a "lip-smacking celebration of North America's tastiest, messiest and most irresistible street food," descend upon the Mile High City to shoot the trucks -- and the food they serve -- for an upcoming segment.

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The shoots, which began yesterday with Quiero Arepas, the Venezuelan food truck operated by Igor and Beckie Panasewicz, continue through Tuesday, September 12 at various locations throughout the city -- and street-food zealots are encouraged to attend (you might even get your mug on camera).

Here's the rundown on who, where and when:

Pink Tank
Friday, September 6
Location: West Ninth Avenue and Santa Fe Drive
Filming time: 6 p.m.

Orange Crunch
Saturday, September 7
Location: 393 Washington Avenue (Cannonball Creek Brewing Co)
Filming time: 4 p.m.

Hey PB&J
Sunday, September 8
Location: South Pearl Street Farmers' Market
Filming time: 9 a.m.

Big Kiwi's Gourmet Eats
Tuesday, September 10
Location: Civic Center Eats
Filming time: noon

El Toro the Tot
Wednesday, September 11
Location: 6251 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard
Filming time: noon

Street Eats 5280
Thursday, September 12
Location: Civic Center Eats
Filming time: noon

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Ellen Kessler
Ellen Kessler

What a shame the Vegan Van was not one of them.

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