Grandma's House, a planned brewery, will knit crafting and craft beer together

Grandma's House Facebook page
Do you like the cozy, kooky feel of your grandma's house? Then you'll feel right at home at Grandma's House, a new brewery that will be modeled after your Nana's place.

"I wanted to go with the crafting and craft brewing aesthetic and maintain that kind of Etsy-type community feel," says brewery owner Matthew Fuerst. "A brewery's priority should be its beer, and it usually is -- but taprooms don't really set themselves apart, so I thought why not doing something kooky?"

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Grandma's House Facebook page
Fuerst, who says he has "an affinity for weird, tacky figurines," will decorate the taproom with anything and everything you might find at your grandma's house, including knitting and rocking chairs. But he also wants to bring in artwork done by local crafters.

"I'm pretty excited about it," he says. "It will play well in the antique district."

Located in a large, 9,000-square-foot antique store -- just three blocks from another planned brewery, Former Future -- Grandma's House could also be a launching pad for other brewery startups, says Fuerst, who would like to bring in other would-be brewing companies as investors who could gain experience at Grandma's House.

"I've been kicking around the collaborative or cooperative brewery idea for a while," Fuerst says, mentioning the Brewery Incubator cooperative pub in Texas. "And I knew that if a concept like that could work in Houston, it would be a no-brainer in Denver."

Fuerst doesn't have any other breweries on board at the moment, but says he'd like to try to add some - especially those that are having trouble finding space in a tough real estate market -- once he gets further along. "People who want to open will be able to see whether it's something they really want to do without quitting their day jobs."

Fuerst hopes to open Grandma's House before April 2014.

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This is a series of elaborate jokes, right, Shikes?  The steampunk brewery, the Communist brewery, the facial hair brewery, the brewery where the owners allow homebrewers to come in and make the beer (thereby basically assaulting their patrons by making them pay money to buy a pint of homebrew), and now drinking beer in Grandma's attic?  I for one am not interested in trying to drink a beer while having a creepy porcelain doll stare at me.  Here's a novel concept: make a GOOD PINT OF BEER instead of cooking up these ridiculous theme parks.  I feel like I'm in a "Portlandia" skit.

Rex Fuller
Rex Fuller

Nanna did have a bit of a drinking was called Grandpa.

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