Highland's Garden Cafe on the block for a million bucks

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On the last day of August, Highland's Garden Cafe closed for the season, with promises to reopen the restaurant -- two connected Victorian houses -- in its lovely garden setting next April. But will Highland's Garden Cafe really bloom again?

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The restaurant, which has been a dining destination for almost twenty years (since long before Highlands became a hot real estate area), is on the block. "The restaurant grounds have been listed for sale, and there has been a strong interest in the space," confirms chef/owner Pat Perry.

But in the next breath, Perry says that Highland's Garden Cafe still exists and will re-open in some form next spring. "My plans are as they always have been," she says. "To provide our guests with quality ingredients, simply prepared in a lovely, intimate setting."

The 12,500 square foot property with its 4,108 square foot connected buildings is listed for $1,025,000 as a "beautiful turnkey restaurant space in the heart of the Highlands."

Here's a description of that space from the restaurant's website:

It is really the gardens that keep us in step with the seasons: sparkling winter landscapes, early spring lilacs, fragrant summer roses, crisp fall colors. We planted these beds 16 years ago and have nurtured them over time. The winter evergreens, spring bulbs, flowering shrubs and perennials happily tumble over each other despite all attempts at order. This garden delights for our guests strolling the brick pathways that connect our four patios....

One of the best things about living in Denver is the number of days with sunshine and blue skies. The Café was designed to take full advantage of Colorado's moderate climate, year round!

For over a hundred years, this property was home to numerous generations of Denverites. We inherited a landscape filled with mature trees. We added flowering shrubs, evergreens and perennials to create a garden theme, enriching the Victorian essence and sense of place we found. We are pleased to share these gardens with our guests as they dine.

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Highland's Garden Cafe - CLOSED

3927 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO

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TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

"The Café was designed to take full advantage of Colorado's moderate climate, year round!"

Okaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy............ so why was it only open five or six months out of the year?

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

I'd just like to see someone with some passion for the business buy this place.  It is so lovely but the current owners clearly aren't into it any more - first they're open - then they're closed - you never knew - closed more than open overall.  Plus, it was way overpriced IMO.  Sometimes it was great many years ago but often not worth the $$$$ lately.  I'd like to buy the recipe for bread pudding with caramel sauce though.

davebarnes topcommenter

The price seems reasonable.
The owners of Rootdown bought a 6250 sqft lot/building on Tennyson St for $700K.
One difference is that this lot is MX2 and the one on Tennyson is MX3.

Carol Rushton
Carol Rushton

I'll write a check today! Too bad it would bounce :-)

WillieStortz topcommenter

@davebarnes  Which building did they purchase? 

Weren't the owners of Rootdown supposed to a night club downtown? Whatever happened to that? 

They seem to be expanding pretty fast for an owner that was trying to sell the place 3 years ago because they were losing so much money.

davebarnes topcommenter

Mountain Man Nut

just north of Axio

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