McDonald's Mighty Wings are mighty expensive -- and the McFlurry is just nuts

J. Wohletz
McDonald's Mighty Wings have their own box.
McDonald's new Mighty Wings -- bone-in, breaded chicken wings -- have finally made it to Denver area stores, along with some fall-themed goodies. So I made a beeline to the nearest golden arches at 1444 South Havana Street in Aurora, to see if the buzz over the wings is deserved -- and also to test the brand-new Pralines & Crème McFlurry.

The verdict? One of these items is possibly the best McDessert ever created -- and the other is a spicy shakedown.

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J. Wohletz
The Pralines & Creme is McFlurriously good.
But before I got to taste anything, I experienced massive sticker shock at the McDoo's counter. The Mighty Wings (why not "McWings?") come in orders of three, five and ten, at just under $4, $6 and $9 (exact prices depend on the area) -- around a buck a wing, more or less. Hell, even dive bars sell wings for fifty cents a pop, so McDonald's is charging a premium for these.

As part of its fall menu rollout, Mickey's has brought back the seasonal pumpkin pies, added a new pumpkin spice latte (this store was fresh out, so that waits for another visit) and introduced a Pralines & Crème McFlurry, which looked mighty enticing with candied pecan chunks and swirls of caramel sauce. I respect the McFlurry as a product, but after years of expensive dental work, I'm not a fan of implacably hard, icy nuggets of candy in ice cream. So I figured I'd take a few tentative bites of this fall McFlurry and abandon the rest. But the combo of McDoo's creamy vanilla soft-serve (I liken it to soft-frozen Cool Whip in both taste and consistency), crisp pecans and probably too much gooey caramel sauce made me forget my dental work and shovel that McFlurry into my mouth at the speed of sound, thwacking at my dining companion with my plastic straw-spoon (stroon, maybe?) when he attempted to encroach upon my treat.

Add to that sugar-rush one of those deliciously warm, hand-held pumpkin pies, smelling like a Thanksgiving air freshener. The delicate, flaky crust tasted like cinnamon and liberal doses of nutmeg, and the filling was perfectly flavor-calibrated, sweet and slightly spicy pumpkin custard. For all of McDonald's faults -- and it has plenty -- it can make a damn good, very cheap mini-pie.

J. Wohletz
The Mighty Wings are spicy, but mighty expensive.
Finally, I turned to the real reason for my visit. The Mighty Wings came tucked into a personalized wing box, leave-'em-be-for-a-minute temperature hot, and they were decent-sized -- not huge, but not the dinky, all-bone ones either -- and thickly-breaded, like fried chicken. I'd gone with the order of five, and got two drummies and three wingies.

I took a first, meaty bite and encountered a slow-burn, medium-spice heat that was unexpected and pleasant. The skin was crispy, the breading a bit too thick for my tastes, but very well-seasoned with black pepper and cayenne. But I ran into a first-world problem with the dipping sauce: The wings were too big around to fit easily into the sauce tub. So I poured a little buffalo sauce out and dipped -- but you're definitely not going to want to try that in your car.

While the Mighty Wings aren't bad for McDonald's, that price won't fly: If you're taking off on a wingfest, go somewhere else. The pumpkin pie is worth a stop, though, as is the new McFlurry: Order the largest size you can, and don't plan to share. This is so good, it's nuts!

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1444 S. Havana St., Aurora, CO

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Wow, a favorable review of McDoo's. It's obvious JennInFurr's has been bought.

Phil Smith
Phil Smith

I just puked. These people dont need any kind of good pubLicity. Puke.

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Well, I am a pretty big food snob and a general nay-sayer regarding all fast food chains but I was starving and McDonald's was there.  So, I tried the "Mighty Wings" and they were damned good with a  little "buffalo" sauce.  Sadly, they couldn't come up with the "pumpkin pie".  If you can't produce it - DON'T PUT IT ON THE MENU.

Matt Schaub
Matt Schaub

Well, I guess I no longer need to waste my time reading the Cafe Society section of the Denver Westword - reviewing fucking McDonald's now?!?!? Barf.

Colin Clark
Colin Clark

This has so much to do with Denver culture. I am now a whole person after reading this article. Thank you so very much.

Ellen Kessler
Ellen Kessler

If they're anything like their mcnuggets, there is no chicken in this product. Only chemicals. Pfffft.

Don Finley
Don Finley

Better is more expensive? Better bring in the government to run things...

Mantonat topcommenter

@Matt Schaub Where have you been for the past couple of years? Jenn has been giving us the lowdown on chain restaurants for longer than you've been blowing leads or playing catch-up football down there in Houston. But if that's not your bag, there's always like  seven or eight other blog posts every weekday. Now get back to work before Yates steals your job!

jenna-furrr topcommenter

@Colin Clark You bet, buddy. : )

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