Jen Jasinski brought back from the dead on Top Chef Masters -- and wins $5,000 for WOW

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Last week's episode of Top Chef Masters ended in a nail-biter for Denver fans -- and Work Options for Women, the charity for which chef/contestant Jennifer Jasinski is competing. At the end of the August 28 installment, Jasinski and chef Sue Zemanick were both kicked off the show after the Yo Gabba Gabba! challenge -- but then the action moved to the web, where the two competed in a Battle of the Sous Chefs to see which one got to return to the show.

And at the start of last night's episode, viewers learned that Jasinski -- chef/co-owner of Rioja, Bistro Vendome and Euclid Hall, as well as this year's James Beard award-winner for Best Chef Southwest -- got to stay with the show.

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Winning fish dish.
And not just stay with the show, but do very well last night: Jasinski and Douglas Keane teamed up to win the big seafood challenge, which means that she's won another $5,000 for Work Options for Women. Last month, Jasinski collected a fast $10,000 for the charity for her Killer Duck recipe in the "Sex, Murder and Greed" challenge.

The show's judges aren't the only ones voting: Viewers get to choose which chef's charity will receive a $1,000 donation, and can vote for their favorite team up to 40 times each week! Voting is now open from through Monday; you can support Jasinski and Work Options for Women two ways:

1. Text your vote - Text "Jasinski" to 272-86.

2. Go to and follow the online instructions.

Only five teams remain -- but Jasinski will definitely be back when the next episode airs at 8 p.m. Wednesday, September 11 on Bravo.

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Dale Zachary
Dale Zachary

her hot and cold team fish dish ruled the evening

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