Reader: Trader Joe's fans want to go to Food Disneyland

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After decades of drought, suddenly metro Denver will be flooded with four Trader Joe's -- great news for fans of the California-based chain, and a big yawn for everyone else. Jenn Wohletz worships at the church of Joe's, but even she has found flaws with the store, as she revealed last week.

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And while some shoppers jumped to Joe's defense, others don't think the store lives up to the hype. Says AceRanchero:

I think I finally get it. For those folks who "love" Trader Joe's and "can't wait" until they get opened in Denver: they don't want to shop for groceries, they want to go to Food Disneyland for frozen potstickers and really crappy $3 wine. Instead of of Mickey and Minnie they get Brad from Congress Park wearing a Hawaiian Shirt. Let's all sing a song... "it's a small, small [market] after all..."
Read many, many more comments about Trader Joe's here. Is it just another IKEA? Or a real Food Disnleyland? Will you shop there?

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There are 3 trader joes within a 10 mile radius of my home town in NJ. After just moving to Denver, I can honestly say that I miss TJs. They are nothing as crazy as people are making them out to be but nevertheless, fantastic grocery stores... They have bottom-line, the best food you can buy for yourself CHEAPER than king soopers. And they are nowhere near as pretentious as a Whole Foods. 

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