Reader: If only 7-Eleven were as classy as Dunkin' Donuts...

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7-Elevens new and old, open and closed, side-by-side in Denver.
Have you noticed the number of 7-Elevens popping up around town? Often right across the street from an abandoned 7-Eleven that turns into a neighborhood eyesore? Bree Davies did, and wrote about it yesterday on our arts and culture blog -- inspiring quite a conversation about 7-Eleven, urban-planning and fast-food journalism.

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Says Chris:

Rather elitist statement and extremely sub-par journalism.

Says Debbie:
Walgreens also does this.....builds a new store across the street from an old store that will sit vacant and looking like shit.

Says Notaxationwithoutrepresention:
7-11 is a stoner's mecca.....Chili cheese nachos with loads of jalapenos on top, a Big Gulp, and a fresh chocolate frosted donut for desert....What more do you want in life?

And finally, from James Gold:
If only 7-11 were as classy as Dunkin' Donuts...

Read Bree Davies's Breeality Bites and many, many more comments on 7-Eleven here.

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Josh Barrack
Josh Barrack

Huh? Anyone who grew up with Dunkin Donuts could tell you that DD caters to the same drunken scum as 7-Eleven. Drunk at 3am and willing to eat 12 hour old donuts? On the road with nothing better in sight? Sugar and caffeine are just an exit away.

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