Archive Room closes in Arvada

Lori Midson

Four months ago, the Archive Room, which originally opened in 2009 in Olde Town Arvada, a charming neighborhood that boasts an abundance of bars and restaurants, underwent some major changes, including a big one in the kitchen: Aaron Youngblood, the former exec chef of the now-gone Dixons, took over the line and overhauled the menu, transitioning it from basic bar grub to a seasonally-inspired board that favored locality, including produce from a plot at a nearby community garden, where Youngblood was growing herbs and tomatoes.

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The beer syllabus had turned craft, too, featuring several local beers, including brews from Arvada Beer Co and Yak and Yeti. And the space, which originally had the feel of a sports bar with enough TVs to outfit a Best Buy, was remodeled to reflect a classier vibe.

Despite all the positive changes, however, the Archive Room, which is the sister restaurant to the Pour House Pub, in LoDo, closed on Sunday, leaving in its archive a grandiose space -- fireplace included. It's a lovely space, and given the proliferation of new watering holes and restaurants in Olde Town Arvada, our guess is that it likely won't stay vacant for long.

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The Archive Room - CLOSED

5601 Olde Wadsworth Blvd., Arvada, CO

Category: Restaurant

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It sounds like the new incarnation sucked, but I can't figure out how anyone thought it was good before the changes. That place has sucked since it opened. They basically went from serving overpriced reheated food straight off the Sysco truck to overpriced, poorly executed faux fine dining. I hope someone with some sense takes it over, because it really is a cool space.

Stephanie Strand
Stephanie Strand

Tommy and I were talking about that over the weekend!! We just might!

Melissa Scott Vess
Melissa Scott Vess

Here is a perfect place for your 80's inspired bar, Stephanie Strand!! LOL!!!

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

@theMoll1 Yep.  Nothing good on there since the changes.  I'll miss the old version, along with the Bloody Mary bar :-(

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