Reader: One mediocre chain restaurant down, a ridiculous number to go

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Baker Street Pub & Grill, a Sherlock Holmes-themed eatery, has closed in Boulder; three more links in that national chain are still open in the Denver area.

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Says RustyShackleford:

One mediocre chain restaurant down, a ridiculous number left to go...
Boulder is full of good independent restaurants. Many Denver suburbs? Not so much; chains dominate the dining landscape in many towns. Sometimes that's because they give value, sometimes that's because they're all there is. What chains do you support? What chains would you like to see go?

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Baker Street Pub & Grill - CLOSED

1729 28th St., Boulder, CO

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Never been to Baker Street i(it would probably be Belmar), but at least now that I'm watching Sherlock via BBC, I understand the name. Heh.

The Yard House (CO Mills) was really good; great beer and one of the best pizzas I've had in ages (garlicky, perfectly seasoned). I actually had one of the best broiled fish plates ever at Red Lobster on the west side (and yes I've eaten seafood on the coasts). Cheesecake Factory is tasty, so is Olive Garden (pasta with short ribs!). 

Yes, sometimes chains are big because there are a lot of people out there who aren't really that demanding, but sometimes it's because they are good.


Funny, this is also Jenn Wolowitz's motto!

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