Reader: Do not confuse My Brother's Bar with that other Brothers

What's in a name? Plenty, if you're My Brother's Bar. This Denver institution opened more than forty years ago in a building that is the city's longest-operating watering hole; records trace the bar business at 2376 15th Street back to 1873. So owner Jim Karagas wasn't happy when he heard that a Wisconsin-based chain was opening a bar with a very similar name just a mile away, at 1920 Market Street. After legal threats went back and forth, Karagas settled with the other Brothers' owners in October 2010, and Brothers Bar & Grill opened. The two bars are so different that there hasn't been much confusion -- until now, when a story about how Brothers Bar & Grill denied entrance to a rock drummer because of his neck tattoos went global.

See also:Filter drummer turned away from Brothers Bar & Grill for neck tattoos

Some commenters have confused Brothers with My Brother's -- but the latter's fans have been quick to come to that bar's defense.

Says Mike:

Do not confuse My Brother's Bar with that shitty establishment. That place is called Brothers. My Brother's Bar is an awesome place and would gladly accept anyone who walked through the door.
Says John Paul Rojas:
My Brother's Bar has the best burgers, outdoor patio. The owner is kick ass AND gives to local charities. I never even heard of this other bar but I choose to stay away from LoDo for a reason. (It's not because of dress codes.) Go somewhere else. There are plenty of choices.
And Michael concludes:
This has only made me want to go to My Brother Bar....
Have you ever been to Brothers Bar & Grill? What do you think of the place? Of its dress codes? Of the story about Filter's drummer being denied entrance? (Our Backbeat post has 365 comments -- and counting.)

And when were you last at My Brother's Bar?

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I've been to Brothers Bar & Grill near 20th & Market in July, but didn't get in because I was wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off (I'm a mangy paralegal) and my brother-in-law (a rowdy juvenile corrections counselor) was wearing a tank top. Six of us rode our bikes downtown and it was a HOT night. No problem, though, Falling Rock Tap House was happy to accommodate us for food and drink to the tune of $180 and $40 for our awesome server. Oddly, I have never bothered to slow down in front of BB&G.

Was at My Brother's Saturday after picking up shoes at REI. I love taking people here, because they don't bother with plates. A sandwich wrapped in parchment lands on the table. They quickly forget any pause once their chops sink into a great burger. Jalapeño cream cheese and bacon PLEASE.


Demitriusr makes a great argument for avoiding "It's Brother's Bar." As well, he writes like William fucking Shakespeare. A true master of the English fucking language. I'm going to exercise my right to stay away and enjoy my fucking manhattan.

Legen Dairy
Legen Dairy

GET OVER IT ALREADY. ILL NEVER VENTURE INTO MY BROTHERS BAR. The Burgers look like shit. Ill stay at Its Brothers where asshole filter fans cant get in with Neck Tattoos. Oooo Too Soon? Nope Fuck OFF.


People Need to get over it already For Fucks Sake. I GO TO ITS BROTHERS FOR SUNDAY AND MONDAY AND THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. Never has a FUCKING ISSUE. Its most bars downtown that have a No Neck Tattoo Rule. FILTER SUCKS DICK ANYWAY and Hes a Big Cry Baby Pussy. We dont want pussies like you at Its Brothers Sucking down all the Non Douchey HH beers anyway. Go to the other side of LODO and continue to Enjoy your FUCKING MANHATTANS LOSERS. If you dont like an Establishment dont fucking go there. Its old fucking news already FOR FUCKS SAKE. FUCK OFF


Shows how dumb Filter fans are.


@demitriusr I think your sister's calling you, she needs you to rub her feet and is pissed at you for getting her pregnant, again.

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