Reader: Dudes in Denver bars use dogs to pick up girls -- it's weird

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Nate Hemmert
Are these the kinds of drinking companions you crave? Then you're going to love Watering Bowl, the very dog-friendly bar that could finally open this weekend at 5411 Leetsdale Drive. But according to one reader, dog lovers might find another kind of love here.

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Says Anthony:

People take their dogs into bars all the time in Denver. I see it everywhere and it's usually weird, single dudes trying to pick up girls and it almost always works.
Does it work? What are the most dog-friendly bars in Denver? And do you believe dogs should be allowed on restaurant patios -- whether or not as pickup accessories?

And before you head to Watering Bowl with your pooch, make sure to call 720-441-2695 -- permitting issues have caused numerous delays.

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The Watering Bowl

5411 Leetsdale Drive, Denver, CO

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I'm one of those people that likes to take my very well behaved dog everywhere I can, so I love the idea. There are plenty of alternatives for those that don't want that. I doubt I'd trek all the way there just for this though - I'll wait for The Bark Bar to open a little closer to home. 


Finally, a place where I can sit in cheap patio furniture and drink amongst the beer soaked and dog shit smeared astroturf. It's a dream come true.


What also almost always works is really weird single and married guys dress in costumes and coerce women to lose theirs.

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