Photos: MegaFauna cafe is set for a major upgrade

All photos by Nate Hemmert
It doesn't look like much yet, but "the grass is supposed to show up tomorrow," says John McCaskill, owner of MegaFauna.
MegaFauna, the award-winning retail store, boutique and artists' emporium, is giving its cafe a major makeover. Now that MegaFauna has moved to its new location, at 3102 Blake Street, where it has twice the space as before, owner John McCaskill wants to expand the cafe to serve not just customers, but the surrounding neighborhood as well.

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There's a window in the cafe that will open up to the outside, serving as a sort of walk-up ordering station for the neighborhood in the early mornings. Inside, a few tables will be set up around the cafe. On the other end of the store, there's going to be a four-season indoor/outdoor hang-out space where patrons can sit down and relax, says McCaskill.

The to-go window is still being finished.

The new, improved cafe is still a work in progress. Once it's launched, the cafe will be open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and also on the weekends -- but the hours will be more expansive for store customers, promises McCaskill.

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